My Chocolatey Notes for Windows

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Installing Packages

This is the command to install my favourite Chocolatey packages on Windows. Remember to run it inside a console with elevated privileges:

choco install -y chocolateygui jre8 cpu-z.install sysinternals 7zip.install zip unzip winmerge ConEmu gimp notepadplusplus.install vlc windirstat winscp.install InkScape KiTTY CrystalDiskInfo && choco install libreoffice-still -y -ia "QUICKSTART=0" && choco install tightvnc -y -ia "SERVER_REGISTER_AS_SERVICE=0 SET_ACCEPTRFBCONNECTIONS=1 VALUE_OF_ACCEPTRFBCONNECTIONS=0"

Unfortunately, some of those applications will add desktop icons during installation, which you may want to manually remove afterwards. I haven't found the time yet to try and disable desktop icon creation.

By default, Chocolatey installs package information in %ProgramData%\chocolatey\lib (aka %ChocolateyInstall%\lib). Some of the executables actually land there, others are installed to their usual places under C:\Program Files etc. Chocolatey creates shims in %ProgramData%\chocolatey\bin (aka %ChocolateyInstall%\bin) for many of the executables installed. A shim is a small wrapper that acts like a symbolic link. That shim directory is normally on your PATH. One drawback with shims is that they tend to be marked as console applications, so opening a GUI application like Notepad++ over its shim opens a console window for a short time before the real application starts. I find that annoying.

Notes about the packages above:

  • TightVNC is not installed as a service. The application-mode server does not accept any incoming connections by default. The user is expected to manually start the TightVNC server and manually connect a listening client.
  • LibreOffice is installed without the start-up loading option. This is equivalent to manually clearing this setting: Settings/Einstellungen -> Memory/Speicher -> "Load LibreOffice during system start-up"/"LibreOffice beim Systemstart laden".

Packages for Development PCs Only

choco install -y wireshark jdk8

Upgrading Packages

You should set an automatic reminder in your calendar, so that you do not forget to upgrade all packages every now and then.

The Chocolatey GUI is the most comfortable way to upgrade any installed packages, especially for non-technical users.

Apparently, the Chocolatey GUI can upgrade itself, which is generally problematic. I could not actually find any documentation about how it does that, but it seems to work.

Otherwise, this is how to upgrade all packages from the command line. Beware not to run this command inside a ConEmu terminal, because ConEmu itself gets upgraded too. And remember that it needs a console with elevated privileges:

 choco upgrade all -y