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Contents in English

Welcome to my personal Wiki!

My e-mail address is: rdiezmail-wiki (at) yahoo (dot) de

I do not use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing or any other social websites.

The contents on this Wiki are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

My Git repositories are at https://github.com/rdiez . The JtagDue project contains a generic script to build a GCC cross-compiler for a bare-metal ARM Cortex-Mx programming environment . See also my disk test tools, and the CompareVCD project.

Articles about Software Development

I regularly hold long discussions about the same basic issues over and over again with fellow hackers, so I decided to write them up in order to help save time (hopefully!) in the long run.

Should I assert against a NULL pointer argument in my C++ function?

My embedded software never stops, so I don't need to implement a proper shutdown logic

How to write maintainable initialisation and termination code

8-bit AVRs and similar microcontrollers are not OK anymore

Avoid std::string

Error Handling in General and C++ Exceptions in Particular

GNU Make and Autotools

Hardware Design Ramblings


Donating your idle computer time to a good cause This article describes my experience with BOINC and the Linux CPU scheduler and gives some tips on donating computing power.

Hacking with the Arduino Due

Adler-32 checksum in AVR Assembler

Microsoft Outlook: Automatically add an "(Attachment deleted: filename.ext)" note when removing e-mail attachments

Installing Linux

Configuring SSH

Configuring the Apache HTTP Server

Serial Port Tips for Linux

Linux zram

Today's Operating Systems are still incredibly brittle

Installing OpenWrt as a home Internet router

Buying a light bulb used to be easy

Upgrading Emacs

Sandboxing Skype

Rant about file managers

My Chocolatey Notes for Windows

Reformatting a USB Flash Drive

Notes About the Internet Router Digitalisierungsbox Premium

Contents in German / Beiträge auf Deutsch

Meine E-Mail-Adresse lautet: rdiezmail-wiki (at) yahoo (dot) de

Ich verwende keine soziale Netzwerke wie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn oder Xing.

Alle Inhalte in diesem Wiki sind unter Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License lizenziert.


"Bildschirmauflösung angepasst" Zettel für den Benutzer

Deine Privatsphäre in der Praxis

Wie man Mitgliedsbeiträge eines Vereins oder einer politischen Partei von der Steuer absetzt

Apple Geräte haben in einem Hackerspace nichts zu suchen

Tourismus in der Nähe von Köln und Düsseldorf

Laptop Kaufkriterien

Navi Kaufkriterien

Handy Kaufkriterien

Fernseher Kaufkriterien

Contents in Spanish / Contenidos en Español

Mi dirección de correo electrónico es: rdiezmail-wiki (arroba) yahoo (punto) de

No utilizo ninguna red social como Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn o Xing.

Todos los contenidos de esta Wiki utilizan la licencia Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Ayuda informática a través del control remoto

Problemas de sonido con Skype